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Contact information

Vinnytsia, 21001, Ostrozkogo Street 32,

C o n t a c t s:

  • Head of the library Belous Valentina Stepanovna: (0432) 26-51-98
  • Deputy head Vorobiova Lubov Nickolaevna: 27-59-46
  • Acquisition department: 27-59-46
  • Delivery desk of educational and methodological literature: 27-59-46

In our library one can:

  • Work with documents from the book stocks of the library;
  • Copy data and documents;
  • Receive works that are not preserved in the book stocks of the library via interlibrary circulation department;
  • Use reader catalogues and card indexes;
  • Receive consultations of the librarys specialists;
  • Receive bibliographical and library inquires;
  • Get familiarized with new works at library stands and exhibitions;
  • Receive information about writing candidate and doctoral theses etc.


The library was founded in 1913 as a structural unit of the Teachers Training Institute. In a year the book stock of the library comprised 2032 items. Due to reorganization of the educational establishment the name of the library has been changed several times:

  • 1920-library of Peoples Education Institute;
  • 1930- library of Social Upbringing Institute;
  • 1933- library of Pedagogical Institute named after N. Ostrovsky;
  • 1998-current name.

Structural subdivisions

There are 6 structural subdivisions in the library that carry out complete spectrum of work.


    • Head of the library Belous Valentina Stepanovna

      Graduated from Rovensky State Institute of Culture in 1983

      Employed since 1987

      Took over as head in 2006

    • Deputy head Vorobiova Lubov Nickolaevna

      Graduated from Kiev State Institute of Culture named after Korneychuk in 1986.

      Employed since 2007

      Took over as deputy head in 2009

Departments of the library:

  • Acquisition and scientific literature processing department which comprises acquisition and accounting section, classification and systematization group;
  • Depository department;
  • Department of educational and methodological literature with subdivisions;
    - Delivery desk of educational and methodological literature
    - Reading hall for educational and methodological literature
    - Reading hall for musical art literature
  • Department of scientific literature and fiction with subdivisions;
    - Delivery desk of scientific literature and fiction
    - Common reading hall
    - Newsroom
  • Information end bibliographical with catalog and card indexes
  • Department of information technologies and computer ensuring library processes with electronic information hall;
  • Service of auxiliary and artistic-restoration works.

Book Stock of the Library

Book stock of the library is all-purpose. General number of items 1.01.2016 equaled to 521 . .

The library comprises literature covering different areas of science, namely, pedagogy, psychology, mathematics, physics, philology (Ukrainian, Russian, English, German), history, elementary education, physical education, geography, handicrafts, music, chemistry, biology.

Reference aids

Reference aids of the library are continuously being updated and structured. They include:

  • General alphabet catalog located in Acquisition and scientific literature processing department;
  • General systematic catalog located in catalog room;
  • Systematic articles card indexes located in catalog room;
  • Alphabet catalog located in catalog room;

    18 card indexes that comprise:

  • Electronic publications;
  • Auto abstracts to thesis works;
  • Scientific notes;
  • Diploma works;
  • Educational programs and methodological literature;
  • Authentic texts;
  • Works of teaching staff;
  • Nominates of literary and other prizes;
  • Names of literary works;
  • Quotations (digital version).

Electronic catalog of the library

Electronic catalog of the library of Vinnytsia State Pedagogical University named after the Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky comprises the following user databases:

  • BOOKS - bibliographical descriptions of incomings and basic book stock;
  • ANALYICAL DESCRIPTIONS - analytical descriptions of the articles from periodicals, book and report reviews, analytical descriptions of fiction work collections;
  • PERIODICALS - list of periodicals that include information about accession of different issues;
  • TEACHERS WORKS - bibliographical and analytical description of university teaching staff works; not all publications are preserved in the library;
  • MULTIMEDIA PUBLICATIONS - descriptions of electronic publications. Part of publications are in full text format;
  • IDIVIDUAL AUTHORS (personalia) include:
    - Data about famous personalia of Ukraine and the world;
    - University teaching staff;
    - Personalia of Podillya;
    - Biography of certain personalia;
  • QUOTATIONS - are electronic variant of quotation card indexes, amended by the publications of library book stock, internet publications Aforistica;
  • FULL TEXT FORMAT - complete electronic variant of the text is attached to every bibliographic description of the document;
  • ATOEXTRACTS AND DOCTOR THESIS auto abstracts and doctor thesis according to the following topics: Pedagogy and Psychology, History, Philology, Theory and Methodology of Upbringing , Professional Education, Music , Sport.
  • BOOK STOCK OF RARE AND VALUABLE LITERATURE publications printed before 1922, separate bibliographical descriptions include digital annexes.

Access to electronic catalog data bases is available in library electronic information hall and via library network.

In order to facilitate independent search in electronic catalog via website the library renders the list of information and bibliography developed on the basis of basic data basis and topics.

Formation of university electronic library

Top priority in operations of Computer automation and maintenance department that coordinate the formation of university electronic library is given to:

  • Further integration of innovative technologies into practical activities of the library;
  • Creation of authentic informational resources and their effective application;
  • Development of library informational centre on the basis of electronic information hall , local library and university network;
  • Improvement and constant upgrade of library website;
  • Rendering access to world knowledge system via internet;
  • Computerization of books handing out;
  • Establishing cooperation with university chairs and scientific staff;
  • Establishing feedback with online users via e-mail and Visitors book.

Cultural and educational activities

Cultural and educational activities of the library are aimed at facilitating the development of: civil, political, professional culture of future specialists who are going to work in the sphere of education.

Cultural and educational activities are based on :

  • Higher Education Act of Ukraine
  • National doctrine of education development;
  • State national Education program (Ukraine XXI Century)
  • Decree of Ministry of Education of Ukraine dated January 23, 2004 On the approval of an action plan concerning implementation of Bologna accords in the system of higher education and science of Ukraine
  • Concept of children and youth upbringing in the national system of education;
  • Concept of state target reading skills development program for the period up to 2015;
  • State target national cultural program aimed at creation of sole information library system named Library XXI;
  • Calendars of remarkable and memorable dates;
  • Plan of university scientific and research work;
  • Educational plan and regulations of Educational department.

While carrying out the activities the priority is given to:

  • civil education;
  • ethic education;
  • aesthetic education;
  • professional education;
  • physical education;
  • healthy lifestyle training;
  • ecological education.

All cultural and educational events carried out in 2011 were based on the unity of all spheres of students education. Basing on the primary tasks of university library, all cultural and educational events are aimed at efficient provision of library users with necessary information, support of educational and pedagogical process, building of intellectual, physical, moral, aesthetic personal qualities of the students as well as their pedagogical skills.

The following methods help to achieve the goals described above:

  • books exhibitions;
  • bibliographical reviews;
  • themed and themed commented browsing;
  • discussions, literary evenings, meetings, presentations

In 2015 the library prepared 728 events (conversations, reviews, evenings, presentations etc.). In more details mass activity directions were presented in the proper statistical table.

All events are directed on helping to the educational processes, are conducted in reading-rooms, educational audiences, on departments meetings , during university events. A library forms multimedia virtual exhibitions and viewing, virtual photo-gallery, buktreylery, videoreports, videos-lectures and other videoproducts.

Events reports are published on a website, blog and library's channel on Youtube.

A library is available in social networks: "Odnoklasniki", "Vkontakte", "Facebook". We use social networks with the purpose of establishment of more close contacts with our virtual readers, for popularization of books, reading, libraries. Library specialists conduct virtual marketings researches and express-questioning.

Due to events conducted by a library, students broaden their minds, get new knowledge, which can be used for the studing, research and educational purposes.

Statistics for 2018

Basic data

 General number of readers (calculated by the number of library cards issued)
Among them:
 students 4888
 Includes extramural department student 1804
 Masters 1887
 Postgraduate students 87
 Teaching staff 285
 University staff 126
 Librarians 26
 Number of visits (per year) 751785
 incl. site views 227562
 iincl. other Internet resources 170194
 including visitors to mass events 80920
 Number of remote users 40216
 including remote users 6926
 General number of documents handed out (per year) 1000230


 TItlePercent (%)
 Turnover 1,91
 Book supply 84,44
 Reading level 160,99
 Attendance 121,00

Library staff

  All staff 26
  With higher education23
  With library science higher education16
  With undergraduate education 3
  With library science trade education2

Years of experience

Years of experienceAmount
  From 3 to 92
  From 10 to 2010
  Over 20 14
  Full-time employee23
  Improved skills to 2017/2018 years21
  Improved skills in 2018 years5

Library collection

 Title Amount
  General fund  524610
  Books and pamphlets  450616
  Periodicals  49632
  Magazines   47982
  Newspapers (yearly sets)   1650
  CDs, DVDs   748 names / 841 note
   network local documents   8728
   Synopsises of a thesis   9689
   Rare and valuable books   1510
  Science literature 234853
  Educational literature  228814
  Includes in digital format  4170
  Belles lettres  60943
  Publications in Ukrainian    206966
  Publications in foreign languages  317644
  including in Russian  281877
   On open access   5660

Increased in 2018

 All entries2234 names / 4161 note
 In Ukrainian1771 names / 3461 note
  In foreign languages  463 names / 700 note
  including in Russian  276 names / 469 note
 In digital format479
 Science literature / Synopsises of a thesis2619 note
 network local documents475
 Educational literature784 names / 1124 note
 Belles lettres 418 note
 Periodicals 1608 names / 1272 note
 Magazines 113 names / 1225 note
 Newspapers (yearly sets) 47 note
 Exchangable stock 4 names / 4 note
 received -/1312 note
 total retirement 2626 note

Public activity in 2018

 Event's nameQuantity
 Total quantity of events per year 443
 subject exhibition 105 / 3483 presented
  including virtual exhibitions 2 / 1739 presented
 examinations of new literature 155 / 14268 presented / 241677 editions are issued
 including virtual literature 2 / 77 presented
 bibliographic examinations 33
 evenings 1 / 50 presented
 verbal journals 12 / 35 present
 reading conferences 22 / 896 present
 group sessions 282 / 4096 present
 books' presentations 5 / 515 present
 day of specialists, departments and professorship 9
 calendar of famous and memorable days 26
 including virtual 5
 exhibitions of new aquisitions 61 / 720 presented
 references 6970
 thematic references 6449
 including in auto regime 688
 including virtual 6
 bibliographical references constructed 2